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Using our Payroll Managed Services you will save time and increase the motivation of your team.

Focus on the Essential:
The Success of Your Company!

Payroll Processing

We process your payroll: In time. Flawless. Friendly.

You think of outsourcing your payroll processing to a specialized service provider? Doing this you will save on valuable employee resources and time and you will increase the contentment of your team.

Travel Expense

Outsource your travel expense processing and achieve cost savings of up to 70%.
By reorganizing your travel expense management, next to cost efficiency you will also ensure that your travel policies will be followed and your employee satisfaction will significantly increase.


As a tax consultant company we can also provide comprehensive consulting on all tax related aspects concerning payroll processing and travel expense management.

This may be a more crucial advantage when designing alternative HR and compensation courses of action for your company and team.

HR Solutions

Next to Payroll Managed Services and Travel Expense Management you may use more of our services.
For Example:

- Digital personnel file
- Time Tracking
- Workforce Planning


You can count on these advantages for your company:

High Quality Payroll Processing

We represent experience of many years and comprehensive know-how in all areas of payroll processing. We use an optimized infrastructure for client communication, work space, processing center, data pricacy and payroll plattform to ensure premium quality of processing at any time.

Save Time in Your Organisation

There is not much that is less enjoyable for HR department and management than a delayed or faulty payroll. Justifications to the staff, debugging and corrections are timely and unnerving. You save that using our services.

No Worries

The challenges to corporate success are becoming more and more diverse. In the HR department, recruiting, motivating and making the best possible use of the right employees are extremely demanding. How nice it is when the payroll by a firts-class service provider runs smoothly and punctually at all times.

Satisfied Employees

Expectations of successful companies to their employees are more extensive and demanding than ever. All the more, you should make an important contribution to the satisfaction and motivation of your employees by error-free and punctual payroll accounting and travel expense reports at all times.

Motivation and Corporate Success

It is often underestimated how important satisfaction and motivation of employees are for the best possible commitment to the company's goals. Punctual, transparent and correct payroll accounting makes a surprisingly large contribution to this.

What's new here:

Climate Protection when Travelling

Climate protection is an important competitive factor today. Show to stakteholders that you are making an active contribution.

We will show you how you can inspire employees by saving CO2 and offsetting when traveling.

Optimize Benefits

Restructure your staff remuneration after the pandemic and use the tax flexibility:

An advantage for your company and your employees.


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